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How Soil Analysis Is Conducted

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-Each sample is obtained by collecting a small sample to a depth of 0-15cm using a hoe.

-The 5 soils are put in a basin and mixed thoroughly before 1kg of soil is removed and put in a clean container.

-These are taken for analysis in a laboratory. If a farmer has access to the mobile soil scanner, he will call and the analysis will be done on the farm. The scanner also provides fertilizer application instructions.

Soil sampling and analysis start with experts visiting the garden, where samples from all parts of the garden are taken.

While this is happening, such areas shouldn’t have any trace of organic manure like cow dung, chicken dung or any other fertilizer as these could compromise the final results.

Experts look out for the PH which is the acidity of the soil, organic matter, NPK, sodium, calcium and the proportion of sand clay and silt in addition to physical properties.

To maintain soil fertility farmers should apply both organic and inorganic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers can be got from cow dung, chicken droppings and goat droppings.

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