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How Should I Feed A Sow For Better Results?

by Harvest Money Editor
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You must not overfeed the sow in the name of feeding it properly.

This will make it too fat. If the sow or gilt becomes too fat, the following problems may occur on your farm:

Delivery of the piglets takes longer than it should

More stillborn piglets

A poorly-developed udder later affects the way the piglets suckle. It also lowers milk production, which will result in underdeveloped piglets.

However, if you underfeed it, it will grow thin and weak. If the sow or gilt becomes too thin, the following problems may occur:

The next litter will be smaller, with fewer piglets.

It takes longer to conceive and if you are using artificial insemination, you will need more re-insemination because fertility will be low.

Weaning needs to be done earlier because the sow is no longer producing milk.

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