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How Much Space Do I Need For Urban Farming?

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When you take a close look at your yard, you will be surprised at just how many places you could tuck in a vegetable of your choice.

If you have limited space, consider growing crops in plastic bags and flower pots. These are available at farm inputs dealers at Container Village in Kampala.

About 40 bags that can each accommodate one cabbage or tomato, costs sh10,000. This means that with just sh10,000, you will have created space for 40 plants.

If you do not want to buy single planting bags, you can buy the larger sack garden. A single sack garden can accommodate as many as 100 plants and yet, it sits in just 3x3ft.

You can also use these small manageable gardens to teach your little ones how to grow vegetables from an early age, by turning gardening, like planting, watering and harvesting into a family activity.

Apply pesticides in urban farming

It is advisable that you do not spend much money on artificial farm chemicals if you are growing vegetables for domestic consumption.

Instead, you can collect human urine, leave it in a container for at least a week so that the ammonium reduces, then mix one litre of urine with five litres of water, add red pepper, squeeze black jack (sere) lemongrass (kisubi) into the mixture and then spray the vegetables.

However, if it is a commercial venture and you have to use artificial chemicals, do not spray at least two weeks before harvest because this will leave chemical residues on the leaves.

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