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How Deep Can A Water Pump Pull Water?

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How deep can a pump get water out of a deep well and how far can this water be pumped above the ground?

Answer: The depth from which an underground pump can pull water out of the ground depends on the size of the pump head. However, there are pumps that can pull water from as deep as 100 metres or 300 feet. This kind of pump can also pump water to at least 500 metres or more on a flat ground.

Large pumps should be adopted by large commercial farms where a lot of water is used. Smaller pumps range from 42 metres — which is good for domestic use. The cost again depends on the size of the pump. Prices range from sh1.4m to sh2.5m for the larger pumps. Of course, this does not include the cost of creating the water source or buying an electric pump or connecting a power source to the pump.

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