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How Can I Make Profits From Keeping Chicken?

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  • Select and keep the right breed of chicken and maintain it to the desired market standards. This way, customers will be consistent and you will make a good profit.
  • Treat them according to the veterinary recommendations. Get the vaccination schedule from your chicken supplier. In addition, keep them clean, follow the vaccination schedules and that way, to keep diseases at bay. Diseases pose the greatest danger to chicken profits.
  • Engage in prudent control of inputs on the farm. Feeds constitute the highest percentage of chicken production costs. If not properly utilised, it can cause losses.

Be ware of what and when to feed your chicken. Get the feeding resume from your supplier. Follow the market prices of these inputs and devise ways of getting mileage from feeding quantities and schedules.

  • Maintain good customer linkages with all your clients. Most farmers do not know who their final consumers are. Visit the market and get to your customers. This makes them miss out on genuine feedback.

Avoiding risks associated with poultry enterprise

Anything that will stop you from achieving planned levels of production constitutes a risk. These include running out of money for buying inputs like feeds, water and failure to handle disease outbreaks.

You can avoid risks in the following ways:

Making a SMART business plan. The letters in the word SMART stand for:

  • Simple: Make a business plan that is simple and can easily be implemented without big costs.
  • Measurable: Make business plans which you can measure with all the parameters.
  • Achievable: Make a plan that you can achieve with the resources you have. If you are planning to invest sh20,000, then make a plan for that amount of money.
  • Repetitive: Make a plan that can be applied repetitively over a period of time. This helps in continuityf the business
  • Time-based: Make a plan which is time-based. For example, if you are going for eggs production, make a plan for the entire product life cycle and not half the cycle. The cycle includes buying the layers and feeding them well to lay eggs. Overall, failing to make a business plan is a sure way of failing in the business.

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