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How Best To Rear Rabbits

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Rabbits are prolific and efficient converters of feed to meat. The estimated potential of meat production for a single doe (female rabbit) is 25-50 kg per year, which is up to 10 times its own weight.

They are small bodied requiring less space and input than larger livestock. They fit well into a balanced farming system as they complement well with vegetable growing and can be fed on excess and waste from vegetable gardens and kitchen. Being white, higher in protein, low in fat, and lower in cholesterol puts rabbit meat on the highly nutritious and healthy food to eat.

Rabbits have minimal effect on climate change because being non-ruminant and non-herbivores, their production of methane is negligible. In addition, they consume less water, use less space and in extensive systems, mostly utilise waste for feed avoiding over-grasing.

They can also be raised for non-food purposes, which create more job opportunities, for example, laboratory use and for pet shows.

Traditionally, rabbits live in burrows or holes that they dig themselves. However, when they were domesticated, structures were constructed. A good rabbit house must be well aerated. Most farmers use a combination of timber and wire mesh to build it.

The floor should have holes through which urine passes onto the ground. For mothers, you should have boxes in which they deliver their young. Rabbits multiply fast. For example, if you get two mature females (doe) and one male (buck) they will have around 15-16 kittens (baby rabbits) after one month.

The doe can produce seven to10 kittens every after two months. If the trend continues, the original three rabbits will have multiplied to over 60 or more. Mothers should be left to nurse their young ones. Rabbits can feed on potato leaves, peelings and black jack. In addition, they can eat poultry feeds. For the prepared feeds, feeding troughs should be put in the rabbit houses.

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