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How About A Yellow Banana For Restful Sleep?

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Bananas are rich in nutrients like magnesium, tryptophan, vitamin B6, carbs and potassium. All these have been proven to improve sleep.

Dr Edward Mugisha of Namasuba Entebbe Clinic says taking a yellow banana few hours before going to bed is very helpful for people who lack sleep due to stress and other health factors.

For that reason, this beautiful yellow natural meal is a must-have for your night meal.

The fruit contains essential nutrients and amino acids called tryptophan that help induce sleep.

Banana for weight reduction

This is true. Because this natural yellow fruit  is low in calories, it helps in the weight reduction plan, thus assisting you to continue being in shape.

It also helps in the functionality of our bodies together with muscular contractions.

Sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety are all linked to magnesium shortage in one’s body, it is advisable to make a banana a regular feature in your diet plan. Mugisha says bananas contain muscle relaxants, which aid in restful sleep. Whether humans take magnesium or consume a banana before going to bed, it can assist them to sleep better.

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