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Hass Avocado: Uganda’s Next Cash Cow

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Hass is a new green gold in Uganda. This grows well in high-altitude areas and because Uganda is near the Equator, the variety can grow well in all regions in the country.

Robert Mugambwa, the Chief Executive Officer of Nilecado limited Uganda, said that Hass avocado is the new cash cow of Uganda. 

While coffee has been the leading export cash crop of Uganda, Hass avocado has the potential to heavily contribute to the country’s economy. 

“This variety can be eaten as food and cosmetic production, for example, oil for lady’s hair and skin, this gives it higher chances of a big market than our local variety,” he added.

Uthman Katerega, the director of operation Nilecado, says that Hass avocado is an integration of local and exotic genes. 

“This makes it resistant to pests and diseases and accommodative to all weather conditions,” he said.

Why Hass avocado?

  • It is a superior variety for avocado oil content (hair and skin treatment)
  • Dense in nutrients, it’s very notorious and medicinal
  • Quick growth rate, matures in a maximum of three years and local varieties take 7-11 years to get the first harvest
  • Production number is high. It gives 100 fruits on each tree making 3000 fruits in three harvests from one tree
  • It is a manageable tree, doesn’t grow so wide and one can use little space to grow many Hass trees. A 100-by-50 plot takes 22 trees which can produce 1.5 tons in the third year of production

What to consider when planting Hass avocado

  • The crop needs well-drained soils because its fruits are fragile and its roots are weak. Don’t plant in water-logged areas
  • It should be grown in high altitude temperate, highland areas
  • Plant the right seedling from a sourced nursery farm that matures from the mother garden
  • The plant needs no shade at all
  • Mix soils and dig a 2by2 hole spacing of 5 meters between each plant

Orchard general management

  • Pruning
  • Irrigation
  • Manuring
  • Pest and disease control

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