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Handy farm tools: Gumboots

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Gumboots are essential footwear for any active farmer, and it is an essential tool that anyone working on a farm should have.

Usually going up to knee level, boots protect the feet from dirty and sharp objects that could harm the farmer. They can also offer protection from snake and insect bites.

Made out of rubber, (which makes them water proof) boots come in different material, colours and sizes. Some have reinforced toe ends to protect the toes from hard objects like a cow hoof, in case the wearer’s feet are trampled upon.

Their soles are designed to stay firm on slippery surfaces. The biggest challenge farmers’ face is keeping the boots clean.

They need to be washed regularly inside and out and left out to dry. Wearing them before they are dry can lead to a fungal infection.

For comfort, a farmer should buy several pairs of cotton socks, to soak up the sweat that accumulates inside the boots, during use. If possible, a farmer should invest in several pairs of boots so that while one pair is in use, the other is drying.

Boots should never be shared to minimise the spread of fungal infections.

To compensate for the long period they spend in boots, farmers should use every opportunity to wear open sandals for their feet to breath.

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