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Grow Vegetables On Your Verandah

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Umar Nsubuga

Land in urban areas is very small and as a result, it may not be conducive for agriculture. However, even in a space of one foot just near your door step, you can have a thriving vegetable garden that can help you save money.

Gideon Zakke an agronomist gives tips on how you may utilise your verandah space.

  • Use blocks to form and enclosure of one or two feet squared
  • Mix loam soil with composite or rotting matter at the ratio of two wheel-barrows of soil to one wheel-barrow of composite.
  • -Plant the vegetable seeds, most preferably dodo or ebugga (amaranthus)


    -Get a jutty sack

    -Place a bottomless tin with several holes in the middle of the sack

    – Fill the tin with stones

    -Pour the soil mixed with composite in the sack around the tin

    -Lift the tin up every time the soil comes to its level

    -As you lift the tin, make sure that the stones remain in the sack, creating support for the sack, right from the bottom of the sack to the top. The stones help in air rationing.

    -Plant the vegetables in and on the sides of the sack.

     Another option

    -dig deep in the unfertile soil near your door step

    -Replace it with fertile soil mixed with compost manure

    -Plant the vegetables

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