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Grow Spring Onions In A Limited Space

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For years, Gladys Kaaya, a resident of Kigunga village in Mukono district has been growing spring onions.

Her home is limited in space and as such, she utilizes the small corner along the fence to grow the spices.

She says the leafy onions are easy to grow. 

You simply plant them in a spot that receives enough sunlight. You can also plant them directly in the soil or recycled containers.

How to grow spring onions?

Steven Kirumira, a gardener with Superior Landscapes says you can either plant the seeds directly in the garden or first put them in a nursery bed to germinate before transplanting them to the garden.

In tight spaces, Kirumira advises using containers or sacks.

“In the garden, plant them in rows while spacing them. They should be at least 20cm from each other,” he advises.

Interestingly, Kaaya notes that the onions can regrow after harvesting, as long as they have some roots left on the stem.

“After harvesting, cut off the leaves and leave at least 1 cm of the stem. Later, put them in a container with little water but leave the stem out of the water,” she explains.

The onions will begin growing in a few days.

After they have sprouted, dig a small hole, put the stem and fill the hole with well-mixed soil.

Kirumira suggests having many plants in order to harvest throughout the year.

Also, weed the garden and water regularly, especially on dry days.

The plants mature in two months and while harvesting, just pulls them from the ground and cut off the leaves.

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