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Grow Maggots For Quick Chicken Weight Gain

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Rosemary Tukundane

The live larvae of the black soldier fly are naturally nutritious, protein-packed, calcium-rich treat for your chicken and fish.

Dr. Emma Naluyima, the Managing Director of Math Science and Technology School said that she started rearing maggots as feed for her chicken and fish 2 years ago after getting the new knowledge from a friend’s farm in Mukono.

She added that the black solider fly is kept for 17 days to get a maggot that is used as feed, the fly is kept under sunlight because it produces and multiplies very fast while exposed to light but its roof must be covered with a light iron sheet or polyethene bag and need moisture for sucking, water is sprayed in cotton to make them survive.

“Reared maggots are bigger with high protein content,” she added

 She added that when using maggots as feed, you spend less money on buying chicken feed.

“Chicken gains 1kg and 5grams weight in one week and the taste of your chicken is sweeter and unique” she said.

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