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Grow Lamb’s Quarters And Enjoy Immense Health Benefits

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Those who know lamb’s quarters mainly use it as a remedy for mouth and neck sores. To get results, chew its leaves, but only swallow the fluid.

According to David Mwesige, a landscaper in Bunga, a Kampala suburb, lamb’s quarters, also known as goosefoot comes from amaranthaceae family and is locally called ‘omwetango’.

It is an annual fast-growing plant with edible leaves and grains.

Planting and caring

Lamb’s quarter can be grown from seeds or cuttings; it requires the full sun and well-fertilised soil to thrive.

Mwesige explains that even though it is drought-resistant, water it in order for it not to dry.

“If grown from cuttings, it will mature after four weeks. Mulch the soil to prevent competition of nutrients with weeds and also to retain water in the ground,” he says.

He adds that its leaves can be enjoyed when raw in salads, steamed or cooked. The plant also produces grains which can be roasted and eaten as snacks.

“When preparing leaves, harvest young ones which are best eaten fresh. Wash the leaves and grains before preparing them,” Mwesige notes.

The plant is usually attacked by leaf miners, therefore use pesticides to prevent their spread. Lamb’s quarter is often taken to be a weed. Once it establishes itself in your garden, it may be difficult to get rid of it.

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