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Goats: What You Must Know, Do!

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When it comes to goat rearing, choosing the best breed is the key to a successful farming business.

While there are indigenous types mainly for meat production, goats are the most profitable and easiest animals to invest in.

One of the must-haves for successful goat rearing is land, according to Allan Atwiine, a goat farmer in Kiruhura district.

“Goats require 200 square feet each, where they can exercise freely and have easy access to pasture at the same time,” he says.

Good shelter can save you from diseases attacking the farm so long as it is kept clean all the time.

Ensure you spray weekly.  


Atwiine says shelter for goats does not need to be expensive, but must provide adequate protection from wind and precipitation.

For beddings, provide either straw, shredded paper, shavings and corn cobs. Goats need about 15 square feet of bedded area each to be comfortable.

Atwine also warns on feeding hours; ensure you release the flock after the dew has dried off the grass to avoid their feet from rotting.


Goats love moving while feeding and it is wise and important to fence off the area where goats will be feeding to prevent them from getting lost and also contracting diseases from other farms.


For good health of the animals, ensure you carry out preventive and curative measures through vaccinations at the right time.

Also ensure weekly spraying to avoid ticks and other farm vices off the animals.

Ensure you hire a good and professional vet doctor who is available at all times. The vet must have a good relationship with production technicians to help in increasing production.


If you are rearing goats for beef production, you need to consider where the market is. If the business is for meat production, make sure you have good breeds on the farm to achieve this objective.

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