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Goat Rearing: Preparing For The Kidding Season

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Innoculate against diseases such as gangrene of the uterus two to three months before the kidding season and scabby mouth one month before kidding season.

Make extra nutritional provision during this period. Two thirds of the growth of the foetus takes place during the last three weeks of pregnancy.

The boer goat farming requires a great deal of care and attention during the kidding season.

Keep the kidding season as brief as possible so that full attention is focused on it.

Plan thoroughly and consider using one of the following methods, or several of them.

i) After the doe has kidded, her kids are placed in a small pen and the doe only comes to her kids thrice daily in order for them to suckle.

ii) All the kids remain behind in the pen when the doe go to pasture.

iii) Small camps are established with sufficient food, shelter and shade.

This is done at one month.

Male kids are weaned at 3 to 3.5 months, while female ones are weaned at 3.5 to 4.5 months.

A) Billy goats.
-Commercial breeder: Castrate male kids at two to four weeks using rubber bands, burdizzo or knife.

-Stud breeders: First selection at two to four weeks: castrate all kids with cull defects. Second selection at two to three months.

-Stud breeders should market all culled Billy goats as slaughter animals.

B) Does.
First selection takes place at the first selling stage up to a period before the does kid for the first time.

Then screen the does only on the basis of their offspring and their reproductive capacity.

Select large does phenotypes.
Marketing: Between the ages of six months and two years.

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