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Get Your Ready-made Luwombo

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Does cooking come as natural to women as eating does to men? Afraid not. With more women devoting more time to career development, travel and self-fulfillment, not much is spent in the kitchen. And time is what it takes to prepare and enjoy traditional dishes.
Does this mean that career women cannot savour such dishes with their families? Of course they can. A number of restaurants have made this possible. Traditional dishes such as eshabwe (ghee sauce) and dishes such as chicken, meat, mushroom and groundnut luwombo and mpombo (matooke prepared in banana leaves) are a specialty. One simply has to part with a few thousand shillings to get one’s heart desires.
With services such as outside catering and take away, restaurants are able to provide families with delicious traditional dishes. Be it for a small family dinner or a special get-together, be sure to walk away with compliments after the family and guests have tasted these yummy dishes.
A 500g dish of eshabwe costs sh20,000 and can serve 20 people. Eshabwe is a rich and thick sauce eaten with food to add flavour to it. It is usually eaten with kalo (millet bread) by people from western Uganda. Eshabwe is now available at most restaurants around Kampala.

The price of luwombo dishes varies depending on what sauce is ordered. A single plate of chicken and beef luwombo costs sh15,000-sh20,000 at most restaurants in Kampala. Eshabwe and luwombo can be served with karo (millet bread), matooke, Irish potatoes plus and other food of one’s choice.

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