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Get The Right Equipment For Your Farm

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For one to get the best out of poultry, other factors remaining constant, there is a need for proper handling of equipment on the farm.

The equipment range from incubators, feed troughs, warmers, and construction of poultry houses.


Most people are using local technologies such as jerrycans for chicken feeds and drinkers.

But these cannot measure the amount of food or water needed by a given number of birds because each type of bird has a recommended amount of feed and water per day.

Those with quality equipment just keep them in their stores because they fear using them and do not even know how to read instructions as most of these are in English. Besides most of us do not like reading.

The equipment which many people prefer is easy to manage.

However, most farmers do not even clean them well and yet the birds too are sensitive to any form of contamination or dirt that could result in diseases.

Also, such equipment wastes food and water as most of it pours as each bird struggles to get food or water, hence the need for specialised equipment for feeding poultry.

You have to be sure of the number of birds, breed and age because there are specialised drinkers for layers, breeders, turkeys, day-old chicks which is ignored by most farmers. They think drinkers are the same so they serve the same purpose.

Handling of equipment

However expensive the equipment may be, if poorly installed, it cannot be productive.

For example, some people install fans or air conditioners in their poultry units which may not be necessary due to the climate in Uganda.

Also, some farmers tend to turn their housing units into chicken houses without taking into consideration the size of the house, the number of birds and supply of oxygen, among others.

What to consider?

Farmers should seek advice about particular equipment before buying it; the consultations should consider the type of breeds, age, location of the farm, and the farming system being used before buying a particular item.

They should also consult on the right use of the equipment they are taking instead of pretending that they will read instructions, which they may not be in position to explain.

How and when to use cages in poultry

Poultry cages minimise the space, biosecurity is assured and they are more organised and also restrict movement of birds, reducing incidences of the spread of diseases.

This could be embraced by telephone farmers or those who do not stay on the farm because one simply monitors the cages, egg troughs and will know which bird is missing, how many eggs in a week and also tell which birds are not that productive.

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