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Geregere Farmers Overcome Water Scarcity 

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Jovita Mirembe

Edith  Nakintu a resident of Geregere village in Lugazi town council  says she has been  a poultry farmer for the last 30 years  but  water has been  her main challenge in business.

‘ My business hasn’t been performing  very  well   during the drought season  because my birds have been dying due to  water scarcity  in the village. We get water from natural wells but during the  dry season they also dry up because the demand for water  is so high as animals and human beings compete for it. Iam happy that we have got a permanent water source and I have no worry of water an more’ Nakintu says    

Bruno Kizza a  vegetable  farmer who has done the job for the last 20 years  says that he has also been getting  a challenge of water scarcity   while growing his crops but he is happy that the water problem has been settled   by ‘Humanity First’   donating  a   bore hole to the population.

Officiating at the inauguration of the  bore hole   23 November  , Juhi Chawla Mehta,  daughter- in -law of our Chairman of Mehta Group, Mr. Mahendra Nanji bhai Mehta,  said that   this  bore hole which cost sh17 million  is going to benefit over 3000 people in the village and its surrounding areas.  

‘ Farmers, small children, women, and men will be able to reap the benefits of this fresh water pump, which is being installed for the first time in centuries. These thousands of people will no longer have to drink contaminated water from the ponds. By drinking fresh and safe water from this bore hole , they will be able to get rid of several health problems, together with their animals and birds that arise due to the consumption of contaminated water’ Chawla Mehta said.

Chairman of Mehta Group Mahendra Nanji bhai Mehta  during the function said that people in this area  are compelled to fetch water from natural drains and ponds for their daily needs  which include looking after their  birds and animals that wasn’t fit for human consumption.

Some of the beneficiaries including farmers

He said that this group of 40 members made a corpus of funds, wherein, every member of the group donated 30,000 UGX per month. The collected funds were used to cook hygienic meals for close to thousands of people in and around Lugazi town council .

‘I came to know about this initiative, as a personification  and I  supported the initiative  which had saved money  to support   Geregere  village  for one and half years by not only word of mouth but also by doubling up the amount garnered by the group on a  monthly basis. 

Cooked  meals have been served hot to the community for free every fort night by  taking  it  to their doorsteps. In the past, we also distributed reusable sanitary pads among the girls of the villages’ Bhai Mehta said.

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