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General Of Hass Avocado

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Rosemary Tukundane

A farmer can intercrop his Hass Avocado plantation with legumes like beans, soy beans, maize and crops that do not grow so tall with different fruit fly.

Create a buffer zone between your orchard and the other tree of more than ten [10] meters apart so as you create a safer zone for your avocado. 

Widely used legume row spacings are suitable. However, if the row spacing is lower than 50cm, there will be a risk that the legumes will interfere with the neighboring row which can lead to losses at harvest.

Robert Mugambwa the CEO Nilecado added that its always safe for your avocado crops to be intercropped with crops that have different nutrients demands with the cash cow. 

He added that intercropping with legumes can also help to buffer in your incomes because the three years that Hass takes to mature, you will have harvested four times hence maximizing your profits.

‘’A Hass plantation needs to be weeded at least three times a year and create a spot around the tree in case you don’t have a legume and weed around the tree’’ Robert added

He continued that the hip system is more favorable for avocados incase of any rains, water will not percolate at the stem but rather will percolate at the caniple distance which gives us where the root system is.

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