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Foot And Mouth Disease: How Outbreak Occurs

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– Close contact between domestic and infected wild pigs.

– Introduction of infected pigs into a farm, for example, through purchase. Solution is not to buy pigs at the moment. 

– Introduction of infected pig meat into the farm. Stop any of your workers from eating pork on or off the farm. 

– Feeding of swill that contains raw or insufficiently cooked infected pork and pig remains or access to such remains through scavenging. At the moment, farmers should not get any leftover foods from food eateries. Feed using processed feeds, leaves from the garden. 

– Movement of vehicles and people between farms during an outbreak.

– Movement of stray dogs, scavengers and other animals between farms during an outbreak. This can be reduced through fencing off the farm. 

-Using equipment from infected farms African Swine Fever has the ability to exist on surfaces for several years. 

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