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Floating Feeds Best For Your Fish

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More often than not, fish farmers complain of wastage of feeds.

“Sometimes, we drop a lot of feeds in the water, and when the feeds sink, they contribute to silting,” observes a fish farmer.

Statistics show that as much as 30% of the widely available fish feed is wasted through improper feeding. This is because the ordinary feeds sink moments after they are dropped on the water.

It becomes difficult, therefore, to know whether they have been eaten by the fish or not. However, you can now mitigate this problem through floating feeds.

Once dropped on water, they remain floating and the fish come up and feed. This also gives one a chance to roughly know the number of fish in a pond.

Among other advantages, is easy management in terms of feed utilisation and water quality.

It also minimises cases of oxygen depletion. It is also easy to digest by the fish.

You can also easily monitor the fish response to feed and reduce build-up of silt in water. It has a fortified nutrient content.

There are four distinguishable stages of fish. These are; the laval stage, fry stage, fingering stage and table-sized fish.

“Each of these stages ideally has its own protein requirement, giving rise to four different diets. The protein content keeps on decreasing as the fish grows with values of 40%, 35%, 30% and 25%. The feeds are now sold in most animal feeds stores around the country.

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