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Farming In Your House

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Beautifying your home with plants is a great way to bring the outdoors inside.

According to Angela Flavia Namwanje, an interior decorator at Porche Events, plants add colour and spice to your space.

“Plants break the monotony of furniture and cement in a space, they add colour ad freshness to it,” she says.

However, one can benefit from this by planting vegetables instead of only flowers. “They also flower and add colour, so it is worth a shot,” she says.

However, the space to farm may be limited but with the use of a rack, one can achieve beauty and still farm.

Edward Komakech from Companionship of Works Vocational Institute says modern farming is easier and more convenient using potted vegetables mounted artistically on a rack.

“This is ideal, especially for short rooted vegetables like spinach, onions or carrots. The advantage of using this modern farming is that even if you have a small space or have no land to farm, you can use it for home consumption or commercial purposes. It is best to position the rack on the verandah or rooftop where the crops can access sunlight,” he says.

Komakech adds that when using a rack to grow your crops consider that some are wide leafed and spread out while others grow long.

As a result, you need to position them appropriately. For instance, spring onions so those can be positioned at the side of the end of the rack where there is space and for those that grow wide place the pots in the middle. When the plants grow and get heavier, Komakech advises moving them to balance the weight, with the heavier ones at the side and the lighter ones in the middle.

“This type of farming should not be very difficult as long as one follows the correct procedure and avails them with all the conditions they need like manure at the beginning, watering them twice a day and sunlight. That way you get beauty and food in your home at once,” he says.

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