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Farmers Invited To Benefit From Better Livestock Breeds

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Livestock farmers were excited with the new genetics and livestock farming technologies at the National Animal Genetic Resources Centre and Data Bank’s (NAGRC&DB) stalls during the national agricultural show in Jinja.

NAGRC&DB was among the many government and private organisations, companies, farmer groups both local and international who exhibited technologies that give farmers answers to the challenges that have failed them to maximise profits from their farms.

Suzanne Nabukeera Bukenya, the public relations officer at NAGRC&DB, explains that since their mission is to establish a comprehensive and sustainable national animal breeding programme which meets the commercial and developmental interests of the actors along the livestock sub-sector value chains, they are always coming up with innovations that suits the farmers’ demands.

“NAGRC&DB supports dairy farming as a business which is lucrative and highly profitable due to the increasing and ready market for dairy products,” she says.

At the stall, they showcased products ranging from the national bull stud, poultry unit, rabbitry, apiary, pig breeding, fish, small-ruminants (goats) and best cattle beef breeds ranging from the indigenous, cross-breeds and pure breeds.

Also, there were trainings on managing a profitable dairy farming business through which farmers were equipped with knowledge on the best breeds, practices that will produce quality dairy products cost effectively.

The Minister of State for Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries/Animal Industry, Bright Rwamirama Kanyontore, called upon all sectors, local governments, non-governmental organisations, private sector, researchers and institutions of learning to renew commitment to support crop and livestock farmers, as well as other land users to climate proof their land and avert the looming negative impacts of climate change.

He stated the theme for the show of “Fostering resilient commercial Agricultural for agro industrialisation and wealth Creation”, recognised the effects of climate change resulting into prolonged droughts, flooding, high temperatures, landslides and strong winds as some of the greatest emerging challenges to agriculture transformation.

Rwamirama said it also underscores the importance of building resilience of agricultural livelihoods and landscapes to ensure sustainable food security and wealth creation.

The minister added that the government continues to prioritise investment in technology development including research in; breeding, seeds and inputs, post-harvest management, extension, seed, fertilizer, water for crops and animals, mechanisation, pest and disease control, animal husbandry and fisheries.

Story filed by Herbert Musoke

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