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Farmers Get Fresh Water For Animals

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Jovita Mirembe

Farmers  in Mbalala  village and its surroundings will no longer   give their  animals and birds contaminated water after their wells were  flushed.

Flushing is the process of using the cleaning action of moving water to help free a water supply of contaminants and this was done by Victorious Education Services.

Alice   Kizza  a resident of Mbalala village in Lugazi town council  says she has been  a poultry farmer for the last 20 years  but   her birds have been taking  this contaminated  water  from the wells  hence getting diseases and dying in big numbers.

‘ My business hasn’t been performing  very  well  because my birds have been dying due to  drinking contaminated water from natural wells. Iam happy that Victorious Education services has helped in flushing our wells  so that we can get clean water’  Kizza  says    

Pupils of Victorious Primary School, clearing a well. Photos by Jovita Mirembe

Ronald  Lule  a  cattle farmer  says that  his cattle have been  getting sick  because of the contaminated water from wells  when they drink it .  He says that  because the water is contaminated by waste  coming from the  industries  in and around Mbalala village and waste from  drainages which enters into wells in the end it spreads diseases.

Florence Owfono  the Community Affairs Officer of Victorious Education  Services  said that  under the   community Services  Victorious do and alos cleaning the environment  sweeping the roads and picking dirty  stuff from the road and  throwing them in the rubbish pits. She said that the littered rubbish is one of the  items which clog the water wells.

He said that  they engage even the children in  Victorious Primary  Schools  which are under them in the areas they are situated    to teach children  keeping the environment clean.

The head teacher Christine Atikuru  of Victorious Primary School Mbalala  which is called the Ebenezer campus, said that Mbalala has neighboring villages namely   Nakapinyi , Kasenge A, Kasenge B, Kapeke  and Nakapinyi North   will benefit from the flushed wells to get clean water.

The Information  Secretary  Kasenge B Alex Wamala Salongo thanked Victorious Education Services for this gesture that will save  also the residents of taking contaminated water that has been spreading typhoid to them.     

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