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Facts About Simmental Breeds

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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  • The Simmental breed comes from Switzerland, and is considered to be one of the oldest cattle types in the world! The Simmental breed are popular for their excellent reputation in both milk and beef production.
  • Average weight at maturity is 900kg for cows and up to 1,300kg for bulls, making them quite a large-framed, muscled animal.
  • Simmental cattle might be horned or polled, depending on the genetic breeding history.
  • They are suited for both Alpine conditions, where winters can be tough as well as temperate oceanic climate where no extreme temperature changes are experienced.
  • They usually have pigment around the eye area, which is good for preventing problems in heavily sunny regions.
  • They remain fertile for a longer lifetime and do not need lengthy intervals between calving.
  • The birthing process for Simmental cows is generally considered easy and without too many complications. This is ideal for one-person farms where the pressure is all on one farmer!
  • They mature early. Their conversion of food to weight is very efficient, regardless of the kind of pasture. Reports say that Simmental cattle are actually the number one breed in the world when it comes to milk yield and combined weaning gain!
  • Carcass weight is about 57.2%, according to European research, and the daily gain for the average Simmental is 1.44kg.
  • The beef yield from this breed is high, with a good ratio between meat and waste products such as fat and bone. Cattle that are only half-Simmental still inherit the genes that make their finished carcasses an excellent source of high-quality beef.
  • The first lactation for a Simmental cow can yield about 6,000kg of milk, whereas their subsequent lactations can yield about 9,000kg! The milk from these cows is about 3.7% protein and 4.2% fat.

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