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Essential requirements in bee-keeping

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Bee-keeping is one of the cheapest farming ventures where one can start with as low as sh500,000 to have a successful farm unlike other agricultural projects that require a lot of capital for inputs, labour and land, among others.

Stephen Kunihira popularly known as Mr. Bees says if one wants to start up a bee farm, they should consult a bee specialist to see if the location is favourable.

The essential requirements for bee keeping.

  • Flowers that can be pollinated.
  • Water from containers, tanks, swamps and lakes because bees need water in honey making.
  • At least more than 10 bee hives. The langstroth bee hive is very good for domestic or business bee keeping because a farmer extracts honey without destroying the bee hive, and it is safe to people in your neighbourhood.

A farmer should keep bees in a place that access to nectar because;

  •  Bees get too tied when they collect nectar from long distances leading to less honey, and sometimes  the bees die.
  • Bees catch diseases from other environments.

Angiro Christopher, a NARO researcher says bee farmers should know that not all trees are good for nectar. He says the good trees should be;

-Able to grow fast



-Pest and disease-resistant

-Insect pollinated and easy to propagate.

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