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Entula: The Medicinal Garden Eggs

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Locally known as entula, garden eggs are not just a vegetable. They are medicine as well.

The cream bulbs or green oval vegetables are often consumed as components of bigger local meals due to their relatively bitter taste, according to Sarah Muhumuza, a restaurant operator in downtown Kampala.

Muhumuza says the green oval ones are highly preferred by the customers because they are the bitter ones, meaning healthier to them, compared to the cream ones which don’t taste as bitter.

Janet Nalugwa, a mother of two, says she consumes entula independently as sauce or gravy with foods like rice, posho and chapattis.

“Like most vegetables, these garden eggs need not be overly cooked (boiled or fried) otherwise one might miss out on the nutritional value,” she says.

Godfrey Ntambi, a nutritionist in Kawempe, Kampala, says it being a member of the vegetable family, the garden egg has a lot of healing functions to the human body.

The juice squeezed out of the vegetable is said to be a remedy for sore throat. You squeeze raw ones after peeling them or boil them and let the soup cool down for some time then drink it.

He explains that as the juice slowly moves down the throat, it relieves one from the pain and irritation that comes with the soars.

“The vegetable also has a high fiber content that helps to lower cholesterol levels in the body hence protecting the heart and aiding weight loss,” adds Ntambi.

With its number of functions, entula should be a regular feature on your plate.

According to Ismail Kato, a farmer and vegetable vendor at Nakasero market, entula are easy to grow and can even be grown in one’s backyard as long as the soil has enough moisture and is well watered.

Kato says the vegetable needs a spacing of three by three feet (3x3ft) and it takes about three months to mature enough for harvesting.

At the moment, the vegetable is on-season and it is flooding most city markets.

A medium-sized heap of garden eggs is at sh1,000.

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