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Educationalists Want Agriculture Subject Compulsory At All Levels

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Ivan Tsebeni

Educationalists have demanded that the agriculture subject be made compulsory at all levels of learning. The move they say, is to align with the national economic base which is the backbone.

According to educationalists, the subject should not only be said to be the economic anchor but indeed reflect in the way it is treated and taught to learners.

According to Philip Oryema, the acting District Education Officer (DEO) of Nwoya district, the curriculum is filled with “less important” subjects and topics, something he says has given less time for core ones.

He says the system should ensure learners get practical knowledge that would assure them a bright future.

“If we can only have learners access impactful subjects and topics more often than it is the case, our education shall be more beneficial to the country,” Oryema said.

Oryema made the remarks on Monday, September 25, 2023, during a meeting with a team from the Education Policy Review Commission (EPRC) in Nwoya district.

The EPRC has embarked on its consultations in Acholi region in a bold move to incorporate suggestions of the region in the education system.

A team chaired by Col. (Rtd) Amanya Mushega and deputised by Dr Joseph Muvawala, are in districts of Nwoya and Kitgum to collect stakeholders’ views on education.

This is a continuation of the review process after Busoga, West Nile and Karamoja regions.

Muvawala commended the district for stepping up efforts to ensure productive education. He appreciated district leadership for contributing to the process and pledged to integrate their suggestions in the report he said would soon be handed over to cabinet for further discussions.

“We are not on a fault-finding mission, but on a fact-finding mission which is a great platform for educators to raise their concerns. We are capturing them and will include them in the final report,” Muvawala said.

Last year, First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Mrs Janet Museveni constituted an Education Policy Review Commission to investigate several issues in the education and sports Sector; generate recommendations and draft a white Paper (Macro Policy) framework for education and sports services.

The output of the commission is envisaged to be a new Government White paper on Education and Sports which will reposition the country’s  Education and Sports system to meet the needs and challenges of the 21st century.

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