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Earn From Impatiens

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Ritah Mukasa

Impatiens are moneymakers. These special flowers are generous and easy to grow.

Denicah Aine, a backyard gardener says, impatiens can grow from anywhere in the compound and are easy to sell because many people love them.

A seedling costs from sh3, 000 upwards depending on the market.

“Grow different colours such that a client has a variety to choose from,” she says. 

Meanwhile, once in bloom, impatiens fill the compound with splashes of colour. 

They can produce flowers throughout the growing season. 

Amelia Momo Masiko another gardener advises to water Impatiens regularly but not over water least you expose them to diseases. 

From her experience, Masiko says, these plants are also not tolerant to drought. Once exposed to long dry spells, they wither but if given water, chances are that they will bounce back.

Aine also advises to plant them in good soil, fertilized preferably with compost and must be well draining more so, if you decide to put them in a pot.

Also, plant them in a semi-shaded corner. Too much shade prohibits them from flowering.

“Impatiens are low-maintenance plants. Ensure they get the right light and avoid over-watering them. The soil should be moist,” she says. 

Where possible, put them under a tree or along the fence. 

Remember to prune them whenever they grow to about three inches. You can also prune whenever the flowers fade. Keep them short and bushy and enjoy the bloom blast.

Meanwhile, you can multiply them by propagating. Cut a stem from a healthy plant with at least two leaf nodes. After, plant in a planter or directly in the ground.

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