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Don’t Chicken Out! Chickens Are The Answer In These Trying Times!

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As economic times become harder, farmers are in search of convenient ways to practice better farming techniques.

Poultry farming is profitable but it’s important that before one goes for it, he understands the dos and don’ts.

Martin Kinobe, a resident of Lwadda A village in Wakiso district says he went into poultry farming because he thought poultry farming was a good investment.

To his surprise, when he started, he noticed to earn from poultry farming you had to do more than just buying feeds.

He says because of the money he has put, he works hard right from brooding, the chicks to spending sleepless nights as he had to wake up at night and see that his chickens get enough heat to warm them up and also to ensure they were not squeezed in one corner.

Kinobe is not the only one who faces such challenges.

Robert Serwanga of Agrarian Systems Limited says all chickens need much care but for broilers, care is really important, and he gives tips.

 -Young chick brooders can be as simple as a sturdy cardboard box or a small animal cage like one you would use for rabbits.

-The flooring can be done using pine shavings, with a recommended temperature of between 90 degrees to 100 degrees. For the first week, decrease five degrees per week.

-As well, a 100-watt bulb pointing in one corner (not the whole brooder) works well.

-Food and water; chick crumbles or starter and a chick waterer work best.

-Play time; the owner should have time to play with chicks so that they get used to being around people.

-Once feathered out, the chicks can be moved into a chicken coop. the rule of thumb should apply, with about 3sq/ft. per chicken inside the henhouse and 5sq/per chicken in an outside run.

-Keep local predators in mind and make a safe home for your chicken. You can even try the deep litter method for less maintenance.

-Food and water; most people go with chicken layer feed or pellets. You can make a homemade chicken feeder or waterer -Treats; these include vegetables, bread, bugs, chicken scratch (cracked corn and wheat).

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