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Do I Need Fertilisers To Grow Passion Fruits?

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As a rule, in passion fruit farming, the crops give you what you give them. In other words, if you fertilise the soils properly, the crops will have enough food to eat and then give you a good yield.

Fertilisation starts at or before planting. A farmer can use at least 175 grammes of triple super phosphate (TSP) and at least 20kg of compost manure in the hole and around the crop.

When new shoots (leaves) appear from the planted seedlings, measure an arm’s length from the plant and dig a hole of at least half a feet.

Then, put at least 250 grammes of NPK fertilisers in the hole and then cover it. Later, apply at least 300 grammes of CAN fertilisers on the plant each year.

These can be made in two applications of 150 grammes for each of the two known rainy seasons.

Mulching is important

One can mulch using any available grass so as to keep the soils moist.

However, do not put the mulch too near the stems of the crops because this may cause stem rotting.

The other advantage of the mulch is seen as fruits mature and start dropping off the branches because it keeps them clean by stopping them from dropping on bare ground.

Mulching also keeps weeds off the farm. However, if weeds appear and you have to get rid of them, do not use weed-killing chemicals.

Instead, you can use your hands to pull them out. However, it is even better to control the weeds than to remove them entirely. For example, you can grow crawling crops such as watermelons and green peppers within the rows of the orchard to keep unwanted weeds away.

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