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Dairy Cattle, Pigs Feed Innovations Based On Urban Market And Industrial Waste

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Due to the increase in human population in Uganda and most of it moving to cities, there is increased demand for food, and this has resulted in the production of large amounts of agricultural waste, both at farmer, municipality and city levels. The bulk of the agricultural food in Uganda is transported to cities such as Kampala in its raw form, thus compounding the net effect on large deposits of waste in urban markets, around homes and in slums as well as in various dumping grounds. 

The collection, transportation and disposal of garbage in Kampala is the responsibility of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). The city generates about 1,500 tonnes of garbage on a daily basis and KCCA collects about 500 tonnes of garbage on a daily basis, leaving over 60% of the garbage uncollected.  The uncollected garbage results into indiscriminate disposal of garbage by the public as they have nowhere to put it. KCCA is overwhelmed by the waste output due to its lack of capacity to collect and dump it at its landfills in Kitezi, Wakiso district.

Over 40% of the garbage collected from urban markets are agricultural wastes. Three quarters of the garbage rots uncollected on pavements, streets, sewerage outlets and water channels. This unfortunate tragedy is witnessed especially in markets, blurring the city’s image and posing a serious health danger.

Agricultural waste as livestock feed

Most of this agricultural waste has high nutrient levels of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Such waste can be processed and converted into high quality livestock (cattle, goats, rabbits and pig) feeds. This alternate method of utilisation of agricultural wastes by livestock farmers can reduce the rate of accumulation, with subsequent reduction on environmental pollution thus improving environmental health, livestock productivity and household income.

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