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COP28: Leaders Told To create Fund For Farmers

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Prossy Nandudu

Leaders converge at the ongoing Cop28 in Dubai, the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) has called on leaders and financiers to meet at Cop28, to create a fund dedicated to smallholder farmers for adaptation to climate change. With the fund present, farmers will have to embrace processes and practices that can moderate potential damages associated with climate change.

In an interview with Donal Brown, Associate Vice-President, Programme Management Department,on Thursday, failure for small holder farmers to have adaptation funds, there will be limited production of food.

He gave an example of Covid 19 that disrupted the supply chains of all items including food, which was made worse by the war in Ukraine and Russia; which he said acted as a wakeup call around the world for increased production. While leaders were coming to terms with the war and Covid 19, negative effects of climate change continued to manifest in different food producing countries including Uganda, he added.

“It is really important for the world to wake up to it, first through Cope 28 which is advocating for sustainable food systems transformation. If we are to feed this world we need to adapt to the changes of climate change, to ensure that we can actually continue to produce the food needed. So it is really key to consider small scale farmers in terms of financing,” Brown explained.

Areas where farmers should look out for adaptation fund, according to Brown is the Green Climate fund, supervised by IFAD to support projects that support small holder farmers adapt to climate change in countries including Uganda.

“We support countries like Uganda to put projects forward for green climate fund, to bring in that sort of financing but also the global environment facility adaptation fund which we believe when accessed can transform agriculture in Uganda,” he added.

He however added that for farmers to access these funds, bureaucracies have to be streamlined to make access to these funds easier.

Environmental activists display placards during a demonstration at the venue of the COP28 United Nations climate summit in Dubai on December 6, 2023. – A record almost 2,500 fossil fuel lobbyists have been accredited for UN climate talks in Dubai, as negotiators wrestle with calls to end all new oil, gas and coal projects to curb global warming, campaign groups said on December 5. (Photo by Giuseppe CACACE / AFP)

Brown explained further that at Cop28, the fund for loss and damage was launched followed by pledges from host countries and other development partners. However the problem with climate finance is that something like 95% or more was for mitigation and not for adaptation, agriculture would only get like 1.5% of all climate finance which he said should change.

“At cope 28 our main signal is to see investment in adaptation starting with the loss and damage one for sustainable food systems. In many countries, food is produced by small holder farmers, so we shall be calling for more funding for small holder farmers who feed the nations .You can’t the world have food security without putting money into adaptation and that is what we will be saying,” he added.

It estimated that delegates from over 200 countries have converged in Dubai for the COP28 climate conference, aimed at fast tracking the transition to clean energy and the future.

The conference that kicked off on the 30th of December ends on the 12th of December  is expected to  stress the importance of collective action to stop climate change and the critical role of finance in the low-carbon transition.

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