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Consideration In Starting A Piggery Business

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By Dr Taddeo Assimwe Barwogeza          

  • Interest in the piggery business and try to take advantage of economies of scale. Develop the skills and knowledge for proper man­agement
  • Committed human resource i.e. knowledgeable and committed employees
  • Financial resources to sustain the feeding and drugs for treatment etc
  • Good basic open housing with excellent ventilation 
  • Accessibility to technical support and local supplies i.e clean water and reliable feeds, etc
  • Market infrastructure and a marketing plan. Consider joining or establishing a farmer working group
  • Breed source: Aim for pigs with the greatest genetic potential. 

Pig breeds available in Uganda:

Land race White, Superior growth rate, high-quality carcass
Large whiteWhite, good mothering ability, large liters and fast growth rate
DurocDark brown, fast growth rate and good mothering ability.
HampshireBlack, meatiness, high-quality carcass and high meat yield
Local pigsVariety of colours, hardiness, adaptability and large litres

Cambrough is the best-improved breed with excellent traits, but not yet common.

Considerations for selecting a good breed:

  • Select a boar before it’s eight months of age. In the case of piglets; they should be 4-5 months.
  • Pedigree records: 

ü Should be from a family that produces more than 10 litres 

ü Those whose previous siblings weighing more than 12 kgs at weaning (08 weeks).

ü The dam should have been of high reproductive performance, docile, with a good feed: conversion ratio, and having good mothering ability.

  • Check health records for previous sicknesses and treatments, observing critically for frequencies.
  • The piglet /pig should have a Long straight back with smooth shoulders,
  • Should have deep thighs, strong bones with sound feet and legs able to hold its weight while mounting
  • If females should have a minimum of 10-12 teats
  • Should not have any body defects ie scrotal hernia, hermaphrodite
  • If male should have well-developed testicles, well descended and of equal size.

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