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Clay From Albertine Graben Removes Toxins From Feeds

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By Prossy Nandudu

Researchers have developed an aflatoxin binder, composed of natural clay also known as aluminosilicate, that is sourced from the Albertine graben.

When incorporated into animal feeds, the binder segregates the toxins from the feed and binds with them to form an insoluble complex which is then passed out of the animal’s body as part of the fecal material.

“Consequently, the bound toxins are prevented from entering into the animals’ blood stream and getting assimilated into livestock tissues and products including eggs, milk and meat,” the Director General on NARO, Dr Ambrose Agona said on Monday (Feb 20).

Further research indicates that fortification of aflatoxin-contaminated feeds with the NARO aflatoxin binder at a rate of 1% has scientifically been proven to boost feed intake, growth rate and immunity to key diseases notable Newcastle disease in poultry.

Other methods of controlling Aflatoxins

Apart from Scientific methods, there are other recommendations include cultural practices, host resistance, monitoring and crop destruction, grain drying, sorting, storage, post-harvest processing, and dietary interventions.

Under grain storage and processing, over 180 modern grain silos of different sizes have been installed in the country to facilitate safe storage of grain and consequently mitigate Mycotoxins/Aflatoxins contamination.  With Uganda producing about 5 million metric tons of maize annually there is a gap in storage facilities that the Ministry is currently addressing, added the statement.

Additional information from grain trade analyst, currently maize exports both formally and informally Exports formally and informally 525,000 MT…both formally and informally 90% to Kenya, then Rwanda, S. Sudan and DRC, these normally take maize flour

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