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Children Who Shun Farming Are Missing Out

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Ritah Mukasa 

The success of agriculture, which is the backbone of Uganda, relies on the next generation. The more our population grows so does the need to produce enough food to feed us all. For this, it’s prudent to inspire children to engage in agriculture. 

They need to appreciate and participate in food production and in future, pursue careers in the agricultural sector.

For example, Jeremiah Semakadde 14, a former pupil of Mukono Bishop West primary school dreams of becoming an agriculturalist because he is passionate about growing food and rearing animals.

“I love farming and I keep broadening my skills and knowledge in agriculture,” he says. 

Jeremiah Ssemakadde aspires to be a farmer. Photos by Ritah Mukasa

Unlike many of his age mates who spend more time on TV and play, during holidays, you will find Semakadde in his parents’ plantations. They grow coffee, passion fruits and matooke. 

“I enjoy planting crops and seeing them grow. I aspire to be a rich farmer. My nine siblings and parents all love farming,” he adds. 

He also reads a lot about farming and attends exhibitions such as Vision’s group’s Harvest Money expo. 

Relatedly, Elanie Nannozi 11, a primary six pupil of Hetha Primary School Nansana also loves farming. She prefers to spend the holidays in the village with her siblings. 

They till the garden, plant, weed and harvest different crops like beans, vegetables, maize, cassava and sweet potatoes. Her parents are commercial coffee growers as well. They process and sell Best Kaawa Kawoomera, a coffee brand. 

“For three years, I have been attending the Harvest Money expo with my father and brothers to learn more and improve our gardens,” she says. 

Nannozi’s parents want to venture into beekeeping. 

“Children who hate farming are missing a lot of good things,” she says.

LEAD PHOTO CAPTION: Elanie Nannozi with her father and brother Ssentongo.

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