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Chicken ‘Welfare’ Being Ignored On Farms

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Jacky Achan

Majority of companies in the food industry are failing to implement meaningful changes to improve the welfare of chickens in their supply chains, a report released by World Animal protection on Tuesday March 14, disclosed.

The Pecking Order 2022 Report says the companies’ inaction is not only an animal welfare issue but also a threat to human health, with antibiotic overuse in farming fuelling a deadly superbug crisis.

Dr Victor Yamo, Farming Campaigns Manager at World Animal Protection said, “While progress has been made by some companies, others must be held accountable for their shameful lack of consideration of animal welfare.

According to World Animal protection, every year, billions of chickens endure chronic pain, skin lesions, and even heart failure caused by selective breeding, with little environmental enrichment in their cramped living conditions.

“This is the reality for many chickens in the fast-food industry, who are subjected to inhumane treatment by companies who refuse to take their welfare seriously,” it said.

A total of 64 assessments of the leading eight iconic global fast-food restaurants covering the markets of Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Thailand and USA was conducted.

The report highlights the need for fast-food companies to take urgent action to address animal welfare and human health concerns.

Dr Yamo said consumers are increasingly holding companies accountable for the treatment of animals used in their supply chains, and companies must recognize that there is no justification for profiting from the pain of sentient beings.

The Pecking Order Report calls on companies to raise welfare standards to reduce the need for routine antibiotics used to prevent disease amongst animals kept in appalling conditions. /END

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