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Chicken Parasites: Treatment And Prevention 

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Umar Nsubuga

Maureen Nakirijja, a resident of Lwadda A, Matugga village in Wakiso is a poultry farmer.

She says her birds have external parasites and she wonders what causes it and how she can control them.

Charles Muwanga, a veterinarian says several external parasites affect poultry. 

He tips farmers on how to go about this;

Muwanga says the most common parasite is the chicken mite, it sucks blood, causing the birds to suffer anaemia. It also causes irritation which prevents the birds from concentrating on feeding. Consequently, the birds become weak and reduce egg production. 

“This parasite lays its eggs in cracks found in the walls and floor of the chicken house. To control it, clean the chicken house by spraying the walls and floor with an approved mite-killing chemical,” he says.

Also, he advises farmers to eliminate cracks in walls.

Another common parasite is the stick-tight flea. Muwanga explains that It sticks to the skin, especially around the eyes and nostrils, causing sores.

Several anti-flea powders can control it. Also, separate affected birds from the others.

He says poultry lice are also fairly common, there are at least 40 species of poultry lice. These do not suck blood, rather they feed on the skin and the roots of feathers, because of the irritation they cause, they reduce growth and egg production. They lay and hatch on poultry. Insecticides are available in veterinary shops to control them.

Poultry ticks occur worldwide though they are not very common. Muwanga explains they lay eggs and hatch in cracks in buildings. They cause annoyance, reduce egg production, anaemia and transmit diseases. They can also be controlled by insecticide.

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