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Cashew Nut; A Healthy Food You Shouldn’t Do Without

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The main commercial product of the cashew tree is the kernel, a sought after raw material in the confectionery industry.

The cashew nut shell liquid, which is found within a sponge-like interior, contains the thick vesicant oil, an important raw material for resin manufacturing.

The shells can be burned to provide heat for the decorticating operation.

In Uganda, the extraction of the kernel from the shell is still a crude manual process, which leaves some of the nuts broken. This tends to lower the nuts’ market value. This crude processing method has made cashew farming seem unprofitable and forced many farmers to abandon the enterprise.

However, simple domestic cashew nut shelling machines are being introduced in the country, to help farmers improve the quality of their yields.

Cashew nuts contain 47% fats, but 82% of this is unsaturated (healthy) fats.

Unsaturated fat lowers the cholesterol level in blood. Kernel comprises a surprising spectrum of vitamins and amino acids in the right proportions. The most prominent vitamins in kernel are vitamin A, D and E. These vitamins help assimilate the fats and boost immunity.

Kernel is a rich source of minerals like calcium, phosphorous and iron. They protect the human nervous system.

Cashew is a good appetiser, an excellent nerve tonic, a steady stimulant and body builder. The kernel has a very low content of carbo[1]hydrates, almost 1% of soluble sugar which means that one can enjoy the sweet taste without worrying about excess calories.

The cashew tree leaves, bark and the popular cashew apple possess herbal health benefits. They include killing bacteria and germs, stopping diarrhoea, drying secretions, increasing the libido and reducing fever.

Others are reducing blood sugar, blood pressure and body temperature.

The sap from the bark can be used to extract tannin, ink and gum.

The stem is used to produce varnish, wood, charcoal and is also used to build boats.

 Juice can be extracted from cashew apple, vitamin C, cassata, alcohol, candie fruit and medicine.

The leaves and stem of cashew nut have health benefits too

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