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Caring For The Sow And Piglets

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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Take special care of the sow and piglets, since the piggery thrives on them.

After being assured of the genetics, you need to take a special interest in the feeding component of your animals. What you feed them is what they give back in the form of quality meat and healthy piglets.

A farmer must feed lactating sows well to ensure they do not grow thin, a condition referred to as ‘ piglets consuming the sow’.

To avoid this, a farmer can wean the piglets at 28 days and start them on weaner feed. This will keep both the mother and the piglets healthy. If weaning does not help, that means that your sow is feeding poorly.

When weaning, a farmer should be mindful of the days of the week. You should wean your piglets on a Monday, such that your sow will be on heat on a Friday when veterinary doctors are on duty because if it goes on heat on a weekend, especially Sunday, vets may be off and you will not get anyone to attend to your sow.

A well-fed sow will go on heat in just five days after weaning. This means a farmer will get more money from selling piglets in a year.

To ensure a sow goes on heat shortly after weaning, a farmer should stimulate the hormones through a process called flushing. Here, a farmer gives the sow 100g of sugar daily for the next five days after weaning.

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