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Can Rabbit Keeping Make Money As A Business?

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“To benefit more from your rabbit business, you need to first carry out a business research to acquire knowledge on what and how to do what you want to venture into. Some people incur huge losses simply because they copied an idea and started doing the same business without prior knowledge and initial preparation,” says Muawiya Mukasa, a rabbit farmer at Nambuyaga village-Kivumu in Nakaseke district.

Therefore, before venturing into any business, have your plan, know your market, the challenges encountered in the business and how to handle them.

After handling all this, you can then set the business rolling.

Rabbits can be kept for food and for sale. Rabbits are known for prolificacy and efficient conversion of fodder to food. They require little space, have minimal effect on the climate because of their negligible production of methane and less grazing impact.

In addition, rabbits are easy to handle and restrain. Their meat is white (like chicken meat), high in protein, low in fat, highly palatable, low in cholesterol and sodium.

All these and many more factors make rabbitry not only attractive to the youth, the landless and poor, but also those who are looking for viable agri-businesses to invest in.

People who are conscious about what they eat and want to avoid high fat /cholesterol foods like rabbit meat.

“The potential market for rabbit meat in Uganda is big. With 70 breeders and over 500 rabbits, our farm was slaughtering about 50 fryers (rabbits for meat) every week and delivering to five supermarkets.

The demand was high. The fact that there is demand for rabbit meat in supermarkets means that the market is available.

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