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Bukenya Reaping Big From Bullet Pepper Growing 

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Umar Nsubuga

Bullet pepper growing is fast becoming a popular farming venture. It is for this reason that many farmers in Luwero district started growing the crop as a pastime about two or three years ago.

Joseph Bukenya, one of the bullet pepper farmers says he discovered the goldmine in the venture three years ago. 

He is currently growing the crop on one acre and says it is a profitable enterprise.

Bullet pepper should be planted in an area where it can get adequate sunshine. Photos by Umar Nsubuga

“The biggest advantage with bullet pepper is that it is a high-yielding crop. A farmer can start harvesting only two months after planting and harvesting goes on for five more months,” he says.

“I earn millions from bullet pepper, I sell a kilo of green pods at sh5,000 and sh7,000 when the pods turn red,” he adds. 

According to Bukenya, an acre can give sh5-7m every season.

About bullet pepper

The scientific name of bullet pepper is cayenne chili, the crop has thin pods that can grow as long as 15cm

Below are some important things a bullet pepper farmer ought to know.

-Bullet pepper should be planted in an area where it can get adequate sunshine.

-When the flowers appear, it means that the pods will begin to come out after a couple of weeks.

-Bullet pepper pods initially appear coloured green, and after several weeks, the pods turn red. “Harvesting the pepper should be done before the pods shrivel. The longer the pepper remains attached to the plant, the hotter it becomes,” Bukenya advises

-Bullet pepper can be inter-planted with crops like soya beans and various vegetables.

-It can also work as a pesticide if mixed with water and sprayed on vegetables.

-The crop easily adapts to weather changes and takes only two months to mature.

-This plant can stay fresh for up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

-When handling bullet pepper, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly to avoid any contact with the eyes to avoid irritation.

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