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Brooding Key To Chicken Profits

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Herbert Musoke   

When you plan to venture into poultry as a business, you need to understand its profitability depends on how you handle the young birds.

Dr. Geoffrey Mukama a vet doctor with Koudjis, says that, farmers need to understand that when you get day-old chicks, you become their mother. This means, you have to do whatever the mother would do for them including warming them, protecting them from predators, rains, feeding them among others.

Dr. Mukama from Koudjis and Yohan Verhoek a nutritionist and Koudjis representative in East Africa were facilitating during the Master Classes organized by Vision Group with support of the Embassy of the Netherlands, KLM Airlines, Koudjis Nutrition BV and dfcu Bank. During the training, Koudjis provided experts from Netherlands.

The first classes are focusing on poultry rearing, is televised live on Bukedde TV1 from 10:00am to 11:00am, with a repeat on Bukedde TV2 at 10:00pm, started yesterday Tuesday 02, 2023 to Friday 05, 2023.

Preparing the brooding house

Before stocking, the house must be swept and washed if it was used before. Also, disinfect it and all the equipment like feeders, drinkers. In case you are using nipples, they should be disinfected as well such that if there are any germs from the previous stock they are killed.

“People fear brooding saying it’s a risky stage in poultry yet it is easy if one follows the right basics. To get another person brood for you, it becomes expensive yet you can do it yourself and save money. Remember, you need to minimize expenditure to maximize profits”, explains Dr. Mukama.

Dr. Mukama says that, hygiene must be kept at its best during brooding because the chicks are as delicate as a baby.

“The brooder should be weather proof where the condition inside is controlled. Provide warmth at least 3-4 hours before bringing in the chicks, strong winds and its roof shouldn’t be leaking when it rains. Also, rodents like rats, wild birds and cats should be kept out of the brooder,” he says.

Aeration should be given special consideration. “Many farmers think brooder must be covered completely which is wrong because it may cause suffocation and death to both the chicks and the farmers due to carbon monoxide gases and also to dry the house,” says Mukama.

Curtains (these can be tarpaulins, leather or the black polythene bags used in building) too must be cleaned. Also, ensure the house is warmed up well at the temperature of 33 degrees on the ground on the first day.

A farmer feeding his chicken. Picture by Herbert Musoke

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