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Bio-security Can Keep Off Livestock Diseases 

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According to Mulindwa, a pig keeper and breeder at NAGRC, bio-security at the farm level is the set of practical measures taken to prevent the entrance of infection into a pig farm and control the spread of infection within that farm. 

Bio-security can be looked at in two ways; guarding the farm against entry of disease-causing organisms and managing infection on the farm to prevent transmission to other pigs on the farm. 

Effective bio-security may not come for free; you will spend some money. 

For example, you need a perimeter fence around the farm to prevent the entry of unauthorized personnel, animals, birds etc. 

You need to buy disinfectants, construct bathrooms for visitors to take a shower before accessing the pigs, buy farm attire for both workers and authorised visitors etc. 

On the farm, especially for large farmers; you will need to provide different houses for different categories of pigs e.g. pregnant sows, farrowing sows, growers, cattle, for example, milkers, calves etc. All these will cost money. 

Therefore, a written biosecurity plan is important and with it, farm workers can easily implement bio-security measures with the support of suggested structures. 

The size of the farm doesn’t matter, especially if it is not the owner managing the pigs daily. 

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