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Best Orange Varrieties

by Wangah Wanyama
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Orange farming is one of the most lucrative agribusinesses that performs well in nearly all regions, from the highlands to the arid and semi-arid areas. The increasing demand is fueled by the rising consumption rates and low production in the country.

What orange types should you grow?

You may be stuck on the variety or type of orange to grow. Well, all have a high-profit potential and increased demand. In Kenya, you can opt to grow oranges like;

  • Pixie oranges, which are seedless and have a compact size
  • Cara Cara orange-fleshed
  • Tangerines, which are sweet and juicy
  • Washington orange holds a strong presence and popularity among farmers due to its versatility and high yields.

Ideally, an acre accommodates approximately 250 fruit trees. Maximum production is attained when the trees have produced about 5 times, and each tree can produce slightly over 100kg. This equates to about Ksh 5000 from a single tree when you sell a kilo at Sh 50 (Farm gate price).

With 250 trees, this means a farmer will earn roughly Sh 1.25M from an acre.

However, the figure may vary depending on the market prices, production methods, and investment in value addition.

For pixie oranges, an orchard can give an average of 17,500 kgs per acre. If you harvest when the market prices are at Sh 80, you will earn a clean Sh 1,400,000. Deducting the initial investment on seedlings, orchard preparation, and operational costs, a farmer will realize a profit of over 1 million. Isn’t this a good figure to pocket?

Source Ofxarm, Kenya

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