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Barbados To Support African Countries Find Solutions To Climate Change

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The government of Barbados is to support African Countries to find solutions to effects of climate change, being experienced in Africa.

The support will be directed to strengthening the capacity of players in agri-food systems, so as to manage climate change for Africa to have a transformed agri food system.

The initiative was reached on Friday between Barbados represented by the Minister for Foreign affairs and Foreign Trade and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), represented by Dr Agnes Kalibata, the President of AGRA. Currently, the Alliance works with 15 African countries including Uganda in areas of agri food systems.

The MoU will facilitate collaboration of AGRA and the government of Barbados in championing solutions for agri-food systems transformation and climate action in Africa and the Caribbean

The partnership will first focus on strengthening cooperation and advocacy in areas of common interest in food systems like climate change adaptation, knowledge and experience sharing on technology and innovative approaches. Other collaboration areas include but are not limited to last mile delivery of sustainable inputs, digital technology and access to finance models.

The MoU also seeks to promote the mobilisation of public and private investments for food systems transformation, in addition developing joint solutions for increased public and private investments in the transformation of food systems but also development of innovative finance mechanisms.

“With this MoU, we see an opportunity of advancing the South to South partnership to include Island States.  We will focus on a unified fight against climate change, support for functional food systems that advance the role of trade in feeding the world while minimizing its negative impacts on health and nutrition,” Kalibata said.

Barbados’ foreign affairs minister, Kerrie Symmonds, added that the MoU was a major step towards improving the food systems in the two regions.

“The reality is that many African countries share similarities with Barbados, and through this partnership with AGRA, we can now work together to draw on our shared heritage and identifying areas of common interest for knowledge and experience sharing, and advocacy in global and regional platforms to strengthen investments in agri-food systems,” he said.

Barbados is an island country in the southeastern Caribbean Sea situated about 100 miles (160 km) east of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

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