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Balance Your Animals’ Diet, Masindi Farmers Told

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Farmers in the Masindi district have been advised to be mindful of the food they feed their animals or birds, as it determines the success rate of their projects.

On Thursday, farmers from sugarcane-growing villages in Bujenje county underwent training on possible alternatives they can engage in to improve their livelihood income.

The training was organized in Rukondwa village, Bikonzi sub-county by Prof. Samuel Majalija, a lecturer at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity at Makerere University.

“Just like a human being, animals, especially pigs, also need to be fed on a balanced diet,” said Majalija.

“You need to feed your animals foods rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins, or else you will end up with either malnourished or fatty pigs.”

Majalija said the quantity of animal or poultry feeds should always be measured in order to balance the food values.

He also advised farmers to work as groups, as well as strategize in order to benefit from government programs such as the Parish Development Model.

“Working as a group will help you in attaining bargaining power when marketing your products. As an organized group, you can also lobby and get a processing facility that would help you in getting products such as maize brand,” Majalija said.

Harriet Night, a piggery farmer and resident of Butoobe village, told New Vision that she had been tethering her animals.

“I later found out that they would get infested with jiggers because of poor sanitation. I have learned how to set up a clean pig sty and I am going to build one,” she said.

Urging government intervention, Margaret Nkarora, another piggery farmer from Marongo village, said swine fever is a major challenge and usually leads to the death of their animals.

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