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Avocado: The Multipurpose Fruit

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Avocado is a filling and nutritious food with several minerals that stimulate growth. Nutritionists recommend the fruit because of its richness in sodium, potassium and iron. Geoffrey Babughirana, a nutritionist, says the sodium and potassium in avocado keeps the body chemically balanced, while the low sugar content and absence of starch makes avocado an ideal fruit for diabetics.

Avocado is also rich in phosphorus and magnesium, which help to produce energy and aid muscle contraction and relaxation.

“Avocado keeps body sugar balanced, he adds. Avocado helps lower bad) cholesterol, and boosts good cholesterol, Babughirana says. Avocado is a digestible slow-burning fuel that replenishes nutrients, especially for athletes.

Moses Ssenoga, a naturopathic doctor, says avocado contains a high fat content than most other fruits, specifically monounsaturated fat. The fat can be used as a replacement for fatty foods including meats, fish and dairy.

Ssenoga says avocado is also a great source of antioxidants like vitamins E and C, which slow down ageing. The Vitamin K in avocado aids quick blood clotting and prevents severe bleeding during injury.

He says avocado makes the skin and hair supple and shiny. In fact, it is used as an ingredient for facial masks and cosmetics.

According to Babughirana, avocado is recommended for people with bad breath and those suffering from digestive and circulatory problems.
Avocado is recommended for people with a fibre deficiency because of its high soluble fibre content.

Avocado can, therefore, substitute fibre foods for such as dodo, says Babughirana, adding that the folate in avocado promotes healthy cell and tissue development.

Pauline Apolot, a nutritionist at Mwana Mugimu Nutrition Unit, Mulago Hospital, says when blended with other fruits, avocado makes nutritious baby, which is good for weaning children.
Avocado boosts immunity and protects children against infections.

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