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Avocado Farming: What You must Know

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Hass avocado farming is worth everybody’s investment who thinks farming as a business regardless of how much your job pays you since it’s less risky, very low cost input, low maintenance and ready available market worldwide, any investment in Hass Avocado Growing automatically becomes your Pension. 


In Uganda, we have 2 planting seasons, the 1st usually stretches from end of February-June across the country, while it may start in end of February in the central region (and due to Climate Change issues), it may start in March, April etc, in other parts of the country. The 2nd planting season in different parts of the country starts in July and stretches to December, but setting off differently across the country. To plant at the onset of the 1st rains, you need to prepare the land early e.g. from November to end of December, do pitting when the soils are still soft, no need for ploughing, if you’re not going to plant other crops, remember at the spacing of 6x4m, you can inter-crop your garden upto 6 years. For those who have ready financial resources, you can prepare the land and dig the holes as early as June/July, apply manure in the dry season when it is available e.g. Cow Dung, Goat droppings, kindly don’t use chicken manure. Booking seedlings, we usually take orders 3 months to the planting season for those who really need mature and high quality seedlings which are well established and hardened enough. 


Hass avocado starts fruiting at 16 months for serious farmers, that is when all agronomical practises have been met e.g. buying good seedlings, timely planting at the onset of rains, timely manure application, timely application of pesticides in case of any infections (very rare) and provision of water during the dry season. For casual and mother nature farmers, 1st commercial harvest will come at between 2.5 to 3 years.


Expected yields rise from 50 fruits at 2.5 years, and pick yields rising to 3,000 fruits per tree at 10 years, yields increase as the tree grows bigger in size. Below, you will find expected yields from 2 years to years. The life span of a Hass Avocado tree is 30 years, and the plantation can be cut down, and sprouts again like coffee trees without replanting.


• 2nd year harvest of 50 fruits per tree, 8,300 fruits per acre (2 tonnes) monetary value sh 5,810,000 
• 3rd year harvest 200 fruits per tree, 33,200 fruits per acre (8.3 tonnes) monetary value sh23,240,00
• 4th year 400 fruits per tree, 66,400 fruits per acre (16.6 tonnes) monetary sh46,480,000
• 5th year 800 fruits per tree, 132,800 fruits per acre (33.2 tonnes) monetary value sh92,960,000
• 6th year 1000 fruits per tree, 166,000 fruits per acre (41,500 tonnes) monetary value sh116,200,000
• 7th year 1100 fruits per tree, 182,600 fruits per acre (45.6 tonnes) monetary value sh127,820,000
• 8th year 1300 fruits per tree, 215,800 fruits per acre (53.9 tonnes) monetary value sh151,000,000
• 9th year 1500 fruits per tree, 249,000 fruits per acre (62.2 tonnes) monetary value sh174,300,000
• 10th year 1750 fruits per tree, 290,500 fruits per acre (72.6 tonnesons) monetary value sh203,350,000.

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