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Ask the expert: How Do I Train / Bend A Coffee Tree?  

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Coffee is trained in a multiple system by bending and pegging down 6-month-old plants at about 45 degrees to stimulate sucker production. 

Bend the coffee plants so that they all bend in the same direction along the row. Select 3 suckers to form the future bearing stems from the base of the trained plant. 

How do I control weeds in coffee shamba? 

Weeds compete with plants for water and nutrients and can lead to reduced crop growth, low yields and poor-quality coffee beans if allowed to grow. 

Weeds in young coffee gardens should be controlled by mechanical methods such as digging with a hand hoe and slashing with a panga or slashes or by cultural methods like mulching. 

Weed in old coffee gardens is controlled by mulching or mechanical with chemical/herbicides

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